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Building new businesses for bp’s net zero carbon future: the Launchpad way

Дата проведения
4 Aug 2020
Время проведения
03:00 - 15:45
Место проведения

Many corporates are great in R&D but struggle with turning the R&D into businesses.

Second #GENSInnovTalks with Val Nefyodova, Growth Analyst at bp Launchpad will reveal how to turn breakthrough technologies and business models from inside and outside into high potential businesses; and advancing the move to clean energy & net-zero building new energy ventures

During our #InnovTalk we will discuss:
  1. Need for the energy transition to cleaner & more affordable sources & bp’s net- zero ambition.
  2. Launchpad as bp’s innovation engine and business builder, to help achieve the ambition.
  3. What IS Launchpad – the purpose & scope, and what Launchpad IS NOT
  4. Launchpad’s focus – what businesses are we looking for
  5. Launchpad’s current portfolio
  6. Launchpad culture & ways of working (including with other innovation units in bp)