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Beyond Innovation: How Corporations can Build and Launch Successful Startup

Дата проведения
22 september 2020
Время проведения
17:00 - 17:45
Место проведения
Организатор Организатор
GenerationS by RVC

Join #InnovTalks with Dave Blakely, Mach49’s SVP of Education and Masterclasses, to discover a proven corporate venture building process!

Our #GENSInnovTalk with Dave Blakely, Mach49’s Senior Vice President of Education and Masterclasses, will reveal how creating a new venture in a global business differs from a start-up and what are the greatest mothership barriers to launching a company.

During our #InnovTalk we will discuss:
  • Stages of new venture creation - ideate, incubate, accelerate and scale;
  • Understanding customer needs, establishing product vision, confirming business viability, and managing the corporate mothership;
  • Cases of successful ventures created by corporations from every industry and in every region of the world.
Dave Blakely brings 30 years of experience creating new ventures at the intersection of emerging technologies, business opportunities, and customer needs.