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Implementing an IP Strategy for Deep Tech

Дата проведения
25 ноября 2020
Время проведения
17:00 - 19:30
Место проведения
Организатор Организатор
SIBB - ICT& Digital Business Association Berlin-Brandenburg

The first legal topic focussed webinar within the Association's new international b2b-project Deep Tech Hub https://www.sibb.de/deeptechhub/de is an introductory guide into the world of IP applications and strategies for deep tech enterprises willing to cooperate with strong deep tech ecosystems within EU countries like Poland or non-EU countries like Russia.

You get practical guidance on the topics:
  • Intellectual Property and Know How: What is important at the beginning and at the end of cooperation?
  • How you can shape the IP framework for your deep tech cooperation?
  • What should you consider for the confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements?